Global Website Feedback

Please comment below with any feedback at all.

Also feel free to log into this squarespace account with the same credentials as the spatial-lang gmail account, except without the trailing ! in the password

Feedback Topics:

  1. On a scale of to to, what do we want the website to look like and is this a good starting point for that?
  2. What should the banner on the home page be an image of?  Should it have parallax?
  3. Fonts/Colors?
  4. What should the banner say below "SPATIAL?"
  5. What should be in the top left (currently a cookie-cutter logo that took 10 seconds to make?
  6. What should be included on this home page?
  7. What should be listed under features?  What should the images be?  Should there be a snippet of Spatial code somewhere here?
  8. What should "Get Started" button link to?  Read the docs tutorials? Github page?  
  9. What should the Tutorial section look like?
  10. Is it time to release as a maven project?
  11. *Any other comments*
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