Logo Design Competition

COMPETITION COMPLETE. See bottom of post for results.

What: Call for Spatial logo submissions

Rules: Don't break any laws.

Deadline: Rolling submission through March 21st (extensions possible).

Submission: Via email to David, or directly in a comment below. Emailed submissions will be anonymous until after voting.

Selection Process: Simple majority vote by members of Kunle's research group with veto power held by Kunle and David. (Your vote may or may not matter.)

Prize: TBD, but it will include money. Submitter of the chosen logo will be awarded after selection.

Restrictions: Intended for members of Kunle students, but if you want to get your friend to make one or something, I'm not going to stop you. No limit on number of logo submissions per individual, but David may cull extraneous submissions prior to voting if necessary.

Suggested Design Themes: 

  • Space themed (planets, solar systems, etc.)

  • Hardware themed (circuits, transistors, wires, etc.)

  • Streaming

  • Expansive (evokes the idea of open space)

  • Acceleration/speed

  • Easy to use

Guidelines: Guidelines for logo design

  • Simple (a kindergartener replicate with crayons)

  • Memorable (a kindergartener could draw from memory)

  • Timeless (works for current language and in the future)

  • Versatile (has nuanced meanings, etc)

  • Appropriate (matches Spatial's purpose)


Current Submissions:



Details for the curious:

Winner was chosen as the multi-round condorcet winner after sequentially removing the lowest performing candidate in each round. 

Rankings are assumed to be perfect models of voters' respective preferences.

Round 1:

Cube: 63/88

Digitized: 57/88

Circuit-S: 56/88

Rocket: 55/88

Boxes: 50/88

Clover: 38/88

Mux: 30/88

Chip: 30/88

Net: 17/88

Round 2:

Cube: 54/77

Circuit-S: 48/77

Digitized: 47/77

Rocket: 45/77

Boxes: 39/77

Clover: 29/77

Mux: 24/77

Chip: 22/77

Round 3:

Cube: 46/66

Circuit-S: 40/66

Digitized: 39/66

Rocket: 36/66

Boxes: 29/66

Clover: 21/66

Mux: 20/66

Round 4:

Cube: 38/55

Circuit-S: 33/55

Digitized: 30/55

Rocket: 27/55

Boxes: 22/55

Clover: 15/55

Round 5:

Cube: 29/44

Circuit-S: 25/44

Digitized: 22/44

Rocket: 19/44

Boxes: 15/44

Round 6:

Cube: 20/33

Circuit-S: 18/33

Digitized: 15/33

Rocket: 13/33

Round 7:

Cube: 13/22

Circuit-S: 11/22

Digitized: 9/22

Round 8:

Cube: 6/11

Circuit-S: 5/11


1. Cube

2. Circuit-S



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